Google Alters Its Approach To China After Beijing Complains

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48204231 48204232For those of you following the Google Vs. China melodrama, you know the internet giant is doing its best to walk a fine line between revolutionizing search in China and getting kicked out.

So far, Google’s tactic has been to redirect users from its page to, effectively providing uncensored search.

But now Google’s Internet Content Provider license is up for renewal, and if the license is not renewed then Google’s entire presence in China will disappear.

In an attempt to appease the government, Google has slightly modified the way users are sent to Google’s Hong Kong search portal, now instead requiring users to click through from Google’s page rather than redirecting automatically.

The new simply shows a Google logo, a non-functioning search box and a message stating ‘Please save our new website’. Clicking anywhere on the page takes users to the Hong Kong page.

The situation is far more complex that Google wanting to have its cake and eat it too, but clearly Google wishes to bring about change while at the same time protecting its interests in the East.

On Wednesday we’ll see if the Chinese government wishes to continue it’s game of cat and mouse.

As reported by Reuters

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