Google and AdMob Deal Approved By FTC



In April, the Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation into the acquisition of AdMob by internet search giant Google due to the potential monopoly that this would have given Google on the mobile advertising market. That investigation concluded in Google’s favor today, in large part due to Apple’s launch of its own iAd network. The ownership of AdMob will allow Google to compete with Apple on the iPhone mobile platform, and allow Google to serve advertisements on their own Android OS without the need to develop an in-house application.

After a five to nothing vote in favor of the deal, the FTC stated that “the Commission reached this decision based on important developments in the mobile advertising marketplace, particularly actions by Apple that should mitigate the anticompetitive effects of Google’s AdMob acquisition.”

Google and AdMob praised the FTC’s decision and are getting ready to spam your phones with Viagra advertisements as we speak.

Source: Ars Technica, FTC Official Statement

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