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Google and Mattel are holding a special event together next week

While Google and Mattel are two companies you wouldn’t expect to form a partnership, that looks to be exactly what has happened as the two of them have sent out joint invitations to an even next week that makes some possible references to the old View-Master toy from the 1990’s. 

Mattel and Google have sent out press invites for an event they’re holding together on February 13th in New York City. The invitation, sporting the tagline “view what’s possible,” includes reference to what looks to be a reel from the old View-Master toy from the mid-90’s. There’s no way to know for sure what the two companies have in store for us, but it’s safe to say that it will likely be a toy of some kind. Making reference to the View-Master makes us think that maybe Google will bring technologies from Cardboard (or Google Glass?) to one of Mattel’s upcoming products.

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