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Google begins selling Glass to the general public at a golf game

The rather elusive Google Glass cannot be purchased anytime, anywhere that you want even if you have a zillion bucks in your bank account. You can call it the “snow leopard” of the wearable tech world, as it is sold at Google’s whim and fancy. In fact, it went on sale briefly for everyone last month, and for the first time ever, Google Glass was sold face-to-face to the general public at the Player’s Championship golf tournament in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, over this weekend.

Google Glass may not be permanently available for sale to the general public, but Mountain View recently promised to find new ways to expand the Explorer program. The pricey gadget’s first stop? The Player’s Championship in Florida, a golf tournament where many participants can easily afford the device’s $1,500 price tag. Despite the prime location, Google still bundled the eyewear with a free mini-camera that clamps onto a golf club to sweeten the deal. Sounds like the company’s plan worked quite well: according to Twitter user Richard Ranick, a sales associate claimed sales were much better than expected. Since Google has vowed to make Explorers not just out of sports lovers, but also out of optometrists, cooks and travelers, we might see more Glass booths (after the break) at various events in the future.

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