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Google Chrome now accounts for over one-third of the worldwide browser market

Google Chrome July 2012 Stats

Mobile may be the talk of the web-browsing world, but computers still dominate. For now. As full-scale web browsers go, Chrome continues to dominate, and that is appearing to be the trend now and going forward.

The latest news from reports from StatCounter show that in July, Chrome continued to push Internet Explorer and Firefox down on the scale by accounting for 33.8% of the worldwide browser traffic. Safari continued its slight upward movement, while Opera took a downward turn after making gains in May.

According to TheNextWeb:

StatCounter’s data has been openly questioned before, but its service is widely used as a standard for measuring browser usage. As long as you realize that these type of stats are simply never 100 percent accurate, StatCounter’s findings are usually indicative of clear trends.

Regardless of how it’s measured, the trends are clear. Chrome is moving up.

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