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Google Chromecast set to get AirPlay-like display mirroring

Google’s HDMI Chromecast is great for streaming content from an Android device directly to a television set, but falls short of the Apple TV platform when it comes to full-on display mirroring. However, that could soon be about to change, judging by code spotted within the Android 4.4.1 update which is currently rolling out to Nexus smartphones and tablets.

Google launched the Chromecast earlier this year, the $35 HDMI dongle has a lot of potential that has been locked down by the company. Immediately after it was released, independent developers managed to root the Chromecast, opening up a world of possibilities. Google then rolled out an update, breaking the ability to root the dongle. As of now users can only stream content from selected apps such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go etc, but its possible that the company might release an update soon that would bring a major feature. Android 4.4.1 was recently released and in its code, hints have been found of a feature that would allow users to mirror the screen of their Android device to Chromecast.

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