Google+ dimensions and sizing cheat sheet


Google+ Specifications

Every time a social network makes a change to their layout, design firms around the world groan about how they now have to redo a ton of different artwork. Social media is big business and companies will pay big bucks to look just right on their pages and profiles.

Google had a change of their own recently on Google+, including one major change to profile and page layouts that made the cover photo extremely large. This added a new wrinkle to the mix because now pages had different through which they had to operate. The whole cover image isn’t immediately visible when people visit the page, so there are different ways to make it work so that the messages in the cover image are portrayed properly.

This cheat sheet by Edge IT breaks down the changes for those wanting to do it themselves. It’s not complicated. It’s just annoying to have to do it so often. Can’t social networks come up with a universal sizing chart and stick with it?

Google+ Size Chart


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  1. Thanks for these, Google’s been changing their stuff up a lot lately, it’s hard to keep up.

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