Google Fiber is coming to Salt Lake City


The Google Fiber expansion continues to bring affordable, ultra-fast Internet to cities that I don’t live in. The latest such not-a-city-that-I-live-in is Salt Lake City. Considering that Google’s gigabit Internet service is already available in Provo, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company is expanding just a few miles up towards Utah’s capital. 

Google continues to expand its super-fast internet coverage: Fiber is now available in Salt Lake City. Fiber was previously available in neighboring Provo, the third Fiber city, but Salt Lake City covers a larger population. Google had been eying the city since early 2014. Google says it will work with the local authorities over the coming months to lay out the necessary infrastructure around the city. There’s no exact time frame for the roll out yet, but folks in the area can check out Google’s progress so far at a dedicated Fiber site for the city. Back in January, Fiber expanded its reach to Altanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham. It was previously available in Kansas City, Ausin, and Provo.

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