Google Glass can now detect emotions and determine someone’s age


What if an app can reveal what the person you are in a conversation with is thinking? This Google Glass, a soon to be launched smart eye-wear , app not only does that for you but can also tell the person’s age! The emotion recognition software analyses the video on the tiny computer hidden inside the Google eye-wear and reveals emotions. It can gauge emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness and surprise and displays this information on screen, media reports said.

You know that old mood ring joke? A husband buys his wife a mood ring and uses the colors to tell whether or not he’s in trouble, and the punch line is when she’s mad, the ring leaves a red mark upside his head? Thanks to Fraunhofer IIS, there’s now a Google Glass app for this experience, complete with a probable smack upside your head or worse should you ever use the app on an unsuspecting person. The camera on Google Glass has always caused a degree of concern, and in some cases that concern has been warranted. The ability to record or photograph with very little indication that you are doing so is mildly concerning if the hardware is in the hands of someone willing to cause trouble. The idea that the tech would be used as an effective surveillance device, though, has always been more than a little misleading. The heads-up display style tech has always been the most interesting ideas to have come from people tinkering with Glass, even going as far as to offer things like facial recognition in order to help remember people’s names more easily.

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