Google has answered some of our lingering questions about Google Fi


We’ve talked a lot about Google Fi, the company’s attempt to do to the wireless industry what it did to the cable industry with Google Fiber, but there are still some things that aren’t clear. At least, they weren’t clear until earlier this week when Google updated its Google Fi support page to answer some lingering questions, such as how the company’s wireless service will work with Google Voice. 

Ever since the announcement of Project Fi, there has been a lot of buzz around the service and the notion of being able to switch back and forth between Sprint and T-Mobile networks when WiFi wasn’t available to handle the service. Project Fi also gained a lot of attention for various other reasons, including its limited compatibility to one device, the Nexus 6, and for the fact that Google would not only let you pay by the GB for data based on how much you personally think you need from month to month, but refund you money if you accidentally ended up buying too much. Yes, for all intents and purposes Project Fi is shaping up to be a decent option for wireless service for some individuals, although this hinges largely on how much data they use on average and whether or not the same amount of data on Project Fi costs less than, or is at least equal to their existing wireless carrier package. Another major point of concern or interest has been the compatibility of Google Voice, or more specifically how activating a Project Fi number would affect the use of Google Voice on one’s Google account.

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