Google has launched a Chromebook lending library in 12 colleges


While Chromebooks are undoubtedly cheap and affordable, we can only assume that the reason why people are a bit hesitant in adopting Chromebooks and the Chrome OS is because it isn’t as fully functional compared to platforms like Windows or OS X. It’s great if you’re just looking to use a computer to check emails, surf the web, create spreadsheets and documents. Google has recently launched a Chromebook tour in which they are taking the Chromebook and Chrome OS to various colleges across the US in hopes that they will be able to convince students that Chromebooks are the way to go.

Google announced today that it’s opening temporary Chromebook Lending Libraries at 12 college campuses this school year, allowing students to take Chromebooks for a test-drive free of charge: “The Lending Library is a bit like your traditional library, but instead of books, we’re letting students borrow Chromebooks (no library card needed). Students can use a Chromebook during the week for life on campus— whether it’s in class, during an all-nighter, or browsing the internet in their dorm.” The Chromebook Lending Library appears to be a temporary setup promoting Chromebooks that Google will tour across the country to various campuses: “You can keep your Chromebook for as long as we’re on campus. Just make sure to return it to the Lending Library before we pack up and leave. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to tell you when we’re leaving.” The company has an FAQ here and a full list of dates for schools already scheduled for the tour. Google plans on stopping in most locations for three days and it will update its site as more stops are announced.

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