Google is already testing out Google Glass 2.0


The Google Glass that we’ve come to know and love/hate is more or less dead since Google shut down the Explorer Program. However, Google’s smartglasses ambitions are far from dead and it appears as though the company has already started to seed the next version of Google Glass to a select group of people for testing and developing. 

Google Glass has been getting slammed by the media since it was announced that the Explorer Program was being shuttered, with countless outlets claiming that the project is simply dead in the water. I’ve already told you on a couple different occasions why this isn’t the case, but now we have more confirmation that Glass isn’t dead yet (beyond Google simply telling us that they’re “excited” to be working on something). Google has given—and continues to give—a select group of its coveted Glass at Work partners very early versions of the next iteration of the device to test and develop for, according to several sources… The next version of Glass is still in the earlier stages of development, but sources say that Google has privately been showing different prototypes of it to some of its Glass at Work partners since as far back as October of last year. This device was likely an older model that was developed under the old regime.

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