Google is changing how it updates Nexus devices with Android M


Google’s flagship Nexus devices have traditionally been given updates for at least 18 months, with many instances of updates going beyond that time. However, new rumors are suggesting that with the release of Android M, which is expected to be announced at Google I/O this week, the company will be giving Nexus devices hard cut-off dates from now on. 

Despite only debuting Android Lollipop last year, all signs point to the launch of Android M at Google I/O later this week, with a full release likely sometime in the fall. We still don’t know a ton about what to expect from Android M other than hints of improved voice control, enterprise security, and integrated fingerprint authentication. According to a new report, Android M may also offer more clarified update and support terms for Nexus devices. Right now, the general policy is that after 18 months of updates, a Nexus device is no longer promised updates. We’ve seen some devices extend past this window, however, and often times because an update is needed to improve overall device security and performance. Citing “trusted sources”, Android Police claims that Android M will bring hard cut-off dates for support. Under the new policy, all Nexus devices will get major system updates for two years and security patches for three years from an OS release date. Furthermore, you can expect security patches to be guaranteed for at least 18 months from the time you purchase your device from the Google store.

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