Google is helping Chrome users consume less data

Google has a new extension for chrome that reduces the data that you consume while browsing the Internet by compressing all of the pages that you watch. The extension would be especially useful for mobile users that have to worry about how much data they’re using. Currently, the extension doesn’t support HTTPS pages or incognito pages but it does support mobile web browsers. 

Google’s new Data Saver extension for Chrome helps you reduce data usage by compressing the pages you visit. It could come in handy if you sometimes go online from your laptop via a mobile hotspot or your smartphone. As soon as you install the extension, it starts working immediately. I found little noticeable difference in the quality of images after installing Data Saver (one of the trade-offs with using compression), but it looks like the extension can reduce as much as 45% of your data usage. Data Saver is currently in beta and doesn’t support secure (HTTPS) pages or incognito pages. It’s available already on Chrome for Android and iOS, though, and now you can turn it on for your computer.

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