Google knows how bad you smell and wants to help


We’ve seen some strange patents come from Google over the years but this most recent one is definitely among the strangest. The company has been awarded a patent for an unnamed fan-driven gadget that will cover its user in a pleasant fragrance whenever it detects that the person smells bad. 

In a bit of news from the “too much time on one’s hands” department, Google is seemingly looking to get into the business of body odor. Or, at least, that’s what a brand-new patent filed by the company seems to indicate. Now, of course, a patent doesn’t mean that a device will ever see the light of day—and in this case, we strongly believe that Google’s patent for a fan-driven device that blows a lovely fragrance into your body when you smell likely isn’t the kind of thing that all of us will be wearing a few years from now. Still, Google has been awarded a patent for the unnamed product that does exactly that, in addition to letting you know when your friends are around so your smelly self can steer clear of them. No, we’re not making this up.

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