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Google launches the Google Cast Software Development Kit

App developers can now push their software onto a TV screen using a software development kit that Google is introducing for its Chromecast media streaming device. The SDK, which is being released starting Monday, lets developers port their apps to the Chromecast, a US$35 HDMI dongle that the company released last year for TV and music streaming. 

Google today launched the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK), bringing the tool out of preview. The SDK lets developers build Chromecast support into their apps for Android, iOS, and Chrome, as well as websites. Google announced the developer preview of the Google Cast SDK back in July, showing off the underlying Chromecast technology that brings content from phones, tablet, and laptops to the big screen. The Google Cast SDK is simple to use because it doesn’t require writing a new app: developers can just incorporate it into their existing projects.

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