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Google Maps is now the second Android app to achieve 1 billion downloads

Google Maps for Android has become the latest app to cross one billion downloads, Android Police reports. It is the second app after Gmail crossed the same milestone last month. After Gmail garnered one billion downloads last month, it was only a matter of time before another Google app achieved the same distinction. The publication has again cited AppBrain, which claims that Maps touched the one billion mark on May 28, exactly 22 days after Google’s email application. While one billion downloads is an impressive milestone, you have to remember that these two apps are preinstalled on almost all the Android smartphones. Trailing them are other apps like Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp among others, which too have downloads in the range of five hundred million to one billion. While one billion downloads is an impressive milestone, you have to remember that these two apps are preinstalled on almost all the Android smartphones. 

When Gmail hit 1 billion downloads early last month, it was a pretty safe bet some of the other Google apps would follow closely behind. The next entrant to the exclusive club came only a few weeks later, and this time it’s Maps taking the spotlight. Even if it occasionally sends us through winding mountain roads and quiet neighborhoods during cross-country trips, we should give a round of applause for the app that always got us where we needed to go! If we look back in time a little bit, it turns out that Google Maps used to be in the lead. It was the very first app to hit 50 million downloads back in 2011. To anybody that was around for the early days of Android, this probably comes as no surprise. Alongside speech recognition, Maps and turn-by-turn navigation were among the most powerful drivers in the early success of Android. In almost every comparison with the iPhone, once people finished talking about 3rd-party keyboards and widgets, the real selling point almost always boiled down to having the best navigation experience. As one of the oldest and most powerful components of Android, Maps has gone through a pretty massive metamorphosis over the last 6 years. When the app first launched, it offered little more than mapping between two points and very limited navigation. In subsequent updates, it has learned to show walking directions and transit schedules, display scaled 3D maps, give us indoor navigation and mall maps, warn about accidents in real-time, and even travel to the Great Barrier Reef. That’s just some of the big stuff!


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