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Google’ Nexus 10 listed as “Coming Soon” on its product page

The Google Nexus 10 was launched back in 2012 meaning that it is due for a refresh, assuming Google plans on refreshing it at all. After all the Google Nexus 7 saw an update in 2013, so why wouldn’t Google update the Nexus 10, right? In the past Google has said that they have no plans to restock the Nexus 10 if it is sold out which is why it is interesting to note that the Google Play Store now says, “Coming Soon” on the Google Nexus 10 product page.

It’s a small change, but after jumping onto the Google Play Store today, some have noticed that the Nexus 10, once listed as “we are out of inventory,” has now been updated to a “coming soon” status. But what does it mean? The Nexus 10, which launched back in November of 2012, is long overdue for a refresh, one that rumors once suggested could have ASUS doing the honors this time around. While that seems to still be up in the air at this point (along with rumors of an 8-inch Nexus 8) we imagine Google may have more to reveal during this year’s Google I/O 2014. Check out the link down below to see the now coming soon Nexus 10 for yourself.

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