Google Now will soon be arriving on Mac, Windows, and Chromebook


It’s been over a year since hints of Google Now being integrated into the Chrome browser started showing up, but things just took a big step forward today. Google just announced that Google Now notifications were now integrated into the Chrome beta browser on Mac, Windows, and of course in Chrome OS. Assuming you’re signed into Chrome with the same account that you use for Google Now on your mobile phone, you’ll start getting Google Now in the recently-added Chrome notification center.

Google Now is about to arrive in Chrome beta for Mac, Windows and Chromebook. With this, Google’s automatic alerts for upcoming concerts you bought tickets to, flight delays, heavy traffic on your route to work and other relevant information the company gleans from your daily habits and emails, have now finally found their way onto the desktop. The company says this new feature will be available later this week, so if you don’t see it yet, don’t despair. Google Now launched on Android and then, after a long delay, found its way on iOS. While there had long been sightings of Google Now code in Chrome, it took Google quite a while to bring this feature to the desktop.

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