Google Play now accepts payments using PayPal in a few countries

Google Play is making payments easier and more accessible. They are now offering PayPal purchases in twelve countries, including the US and Canada. Ibrahim Elbouchikhi, Google Play Product Manager, said in a blog post that two-thirds of Google Play purchases occur outside the US, so the integration of PayPal will make international payments more seamless for those customers. The integration appears in Google Wallet. When making a purchase in Google Play, PayPal will show as an option in Google Wallet. 

If your company’s primary way of accepting online payments is via PayPal, then your Android-using customers are about to get some good news. Starting today, users in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Finland, France and the Netherlands will be able to use the online payment service to purchase apps from Google’s mobile store. It’s somewhat surprising that Google would welcome a competitor to its competing Wallet payment service into its mobile marketplace. But the new payment option means that customers who don’t use Wallet will have an easier time making purchases from the Play store, adding to Google’s bottom line. At the moment, PayPal cannot be used to purchase accessories and devices from the Play store, only apps and other digital media.

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