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Google rumored to be working on a $100 Nexus smartphone

It would be surprising if Google didn’t unveil a new Nexus device before the end of the year. Currently, the Nexus 10 is still out of stock and Google’s Nexus 5 is beginning to show its age. If anything, we hope to see a Nexus 6 in the near future, but Google might be working on a frugal Nexus smartphone as well. According to Chinese site, Google may be working with chip maker MediaTek on a budget Nexus device that could be priced as low as $100. 

Even though we had our qualms about the Nexus 5, the fact that it only costs $350 still makes the handset an easy recommendation for anyone looking for an upgrade. Even so, we understand that not everyone has $350 to spend. As such, a recent report from Chinese online publication MTKSJ alleges that those wishing to own a Nexus smartphone without shilling out the big bucks may be in luck. According to the report, the new Nexus device won’t be a high-end affair, but rather a mid-range device powered by a MediaTek processor, which we’ve begun to see in several devices making their way to the United States, and even rumored for the LG G3. In addition, the rumored Nexus smartphone will sell for under $100.

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