No Groupon, No Problem: Google Hunts For Smaller Fish

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Google might of lost the battle with Groupon, but the Search Giant clearly feels that they have not lost the war in hyper-local deals just yet. Amidst their failed $6 billion takeover of Groupon, Google is now throwing out a line to smaller fish in the local deals marketplace.

LivingSocial and BuyWithMe are now on Google’s radar, and while these two websites have achieved much less than Groupon, they are still formidable competitors in the marketplace. If Google has their eye on them and makes a purchase, Groupon might have something to worry about, especially when considering the power that Google wields with its Google Search product.

But since Google has been on a never-ending spending spree, maybe Groupon is worth every penny. However, the local deals market clearly has room to grow, so maybe it would be a smart move by Google after all — I guess we will have to wait and see.

As Reported by Reuters

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