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Google tests out major Gmail overhaul

A couple of newly leaked images seem to indicate that Gmail is about to receive a major overhaul. Two new images have appeared showing a drastically redesigned Gmail interface for the desktop. Everything appears to be a bit more colorful with a prominent blue bar running across the top. On the left side of the interface you’ll find a fly-in menu system, while on the right there there is a collapsible Hangouts and new activities bubble. This is also apparently where you’ll find access to tools such as your Drafts.

Google’s products are constantly tested behind the scenes for potential new features, and since Gmail is just about as high as you can get on that list it makes sense that there’s no shortage of potential updates being explored at any given time. Recently we explored a series of new feature for the mobile Gmail client, and now we have images of what those same feature look like on a desktop browser. No matter who you are, email clients are difficult to adjust. There’s a certain comfort level found in the rhythm of performing one of the most boring and routine tasks in our digital lives. Doing anything to upset that rhythm — even if it is for the name of improving the overall experience — can often be frustrating for users. As a result Gmail’s changes are often subtle, are optional for a long time, and tend not to upset the overall workflow.

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