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Google updates official Android keyboard with personalized suggestions

It makes perfect sense for the likes of Google to introduce their very own keyboard app into the Play Store, considering how they are the ones behind the Android mobile operating system. Apart from gesture typing, Google decided that an update is long overdue and has finally pushed out the latest version to its Google Keyboard that will see the inclusion of personalized suggestions.

Google’s official Android keyboard has just been updated in the Play Store without a new changelog, and you know what that means. Yes, time to go hunting. Although, the keyboard makes you painfully aware of at least one new feature when you first try to type something. That popup you see above is opened after the update when you tap the notice about personalization Google has helpfully tucked into the suggestion bar. It reads, “Personalization is on. Touch for info.” The Google Keyboard now pulls from all the data Google has on your typing to improve suggestions. You can shut it off if you don’t want it doing that, though. Here are the relevant strings in the APK.


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