Google wants to show off Android’s most creative and innovative apps


The Android platform is fertile ground for developers to be creative, and Google wants to show the world how Android is being used to allow these developers to innovate. To do so, the company launched a new website known as Android Experiments that shows off a variety of different experimental apps for Android and Android Wear that are being worked on at the moment. You can also submit your own projects if you think yours is creative enough to be featured. 

Google has launched Android Experiments, a new site in which the company will showcase what you can do with open source Android and Android Wear apps. The new site is similar to Google’s Chrome Experiments which focused on web apps, but this time around the focus is all mobile. On the site Google is showing off a variety of experimental apps, from drawing apps to wallpaper apps and more. “The 20 initial experiments show a broad range of creative work–from camera experiments to innovative Android Wear apps to hardware hacks to cutting edge OpenGL demos. All are built using platforms such as the Android SDK and NDK, Android Wear, the IOIO board, Cinder, Processing, OpenFrameworks and Unity. Each project creatively examines in small and big ways how we think of the devices we interact with every day.” Some of the notable projects include Form Watch Face for Android Wear, Muzei, Selfie X Selfie, Inkspace and a bunch of others.

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