Google will reportedly launch Android Pay on September 16th


Android Pay was “supposed” to launch last week, or at least that’s what a leaked internal memo from McDonald’s seemed to suggest, but obviously that never happened. The memo itself was actually full of a bunch of incorrect information, so it was easy to disregard, but now we have another leaked memo that’s much more credible. This memo comes from Verizon, and claims that Google will be launching Android Pay on September 16th.

Announced at Google I/O 2015, Android Pay was said to launch around the same time as Android M, which is now known as Android Marshmallow. Since then, we haven’t officially heard anything on the payment front from Google regarding their upcoming platform. An internal memo at McDonald’s recently slated Android Pay launching last week, however the fact that incorrect dates for Samsung Pay were mentioned on the same memo, Google Play Services 8.1 (which sets the stage for Android Pay) hadn’t begun to roll out to users yet, and now that August 26th has come and gone, we know that information was horribly incorrect. Google Play Services 8.1 has been rolling out to users across Google’s Android ecosystem for a few days now. Once the latest version of Google Play Services has rolled out to users, Google can easily announce Android Pay support. Thanks to an internal memo we’ve received from a reliable source at Verizon Wireless, we now know that Google plans to have Android Pay rolled out to users very soon and will launch Android Pay on September 16th.

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