Google’s answer to Instant Articles will be launching next year


Facebook’s new Instant Articles initiative has been extremely well-received by users, which is why it’s no surprise that Google is in such a hurry to launch a similar initiative, known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. The idea behind AMP is to make the Web load considerably faster on mobile devices by limiting what’s allowed on web pages, with a particular amount of focus being put on blocking resource intensive advertisements. Google has already secured some partners for the initiative, and is expected to launch it sometime next year. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google’s new initiative aimed at making the mobile Web load faster, has drawn adherents from the realms of analytics, advertising and publishing, according to an announcement from two Google executives released today. The announcement comes more than a month after Google debuted Accelerate Mobile Pages, or AMP, a proposed Web standard that imposes constraints on the bulkier elements of Web design to ensure that pages load quickly. AMP was greeted at launch by a mixture of applause and hand-wringing from digital media experts, who alternatively hailed the measure as a much-needed remedy for sluggish mobile article pages or an effort from Google to dictate how the Web should be configured. Now comes word via Google that AMP’s standards have been adopted by several bellwethers of Web publishing since its Oct. 7 unveiling, including those that Google controls. DoubleClick, a subsidiary of Google that provides companies with advertising services, is now working within AMP. AdSense, Google’s flagship advertising program, has also embraced the standard, as has the content marketing platform Outbrain and programmatic advertising company OpenX.

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