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Google’s Opinion Rewards app expands to the rest of the Anglosphere

Were you intrigued by the launch of Google’s Opinion Rewards app, but unable to get in on the action due to your location? The small, yet awesome survey app that Google launched a few months ago has gone through more testing, and is now ready to branch out farther into the world. When it was first introduced, Google was apparently only interested in the survey answers from the U.S. However, now the app is expanding to 3 more countries; Canada, Australia, and the UK. 

Google has finally opened up its Google Opinion Rewards app for Aussies, Canadians and those in the UK, letting you earn Play store credit by answering surveys. The app first appeared in the US late last year, offering users Google Play store credit for every survey completed. The surveys are pretty quick with between one to three questions asked, and for every survey completed, Google Play store says you can receive up to the local equivalent of US$1, though you’ll mostly encounter rewards of about 25 cents. After downloading the app, the setup is fairly quick, with the app asking you to log in with your Google account. Then you’ll need to enter your gender, age group, post code and occupation, as well as a handful of other questions before you can start earning Play credit.

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