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Gorillaz Record New Album Via iPad

I’m one of those who denies the iPad’s usefulness as a creative tool. Sure, there are cute little apps for that let you make cute little tunes, but despite a few notable, robust apps, there’s not much real use a serious musician can get out of an iPad.

Apparently, Gorillaz creator Damon Albarn doesn’t agree with me, and is planning to release a new Gorillaz album before Christmas – the second one this year, following the celebrated Plastic Beach. The schtick? “I’ve made it on an iPad,” says Albarn to NME. “I hope I’ll be making the first record on an iPad.”

As far as we know, dude, you will be.

“I fell in love with my iPad as soon as I got it, so I’ve made a completely different kind of record.” Considering the production quality of typical Gorillaz fare, it begs the question of if by ‘different’, Albarn means to say ‘less good’. He certainly means ‘lo-fi’, at any rate. Should be interesting.

“It’s ironic,” adds Albarn, “being the sort of technophobe and Luddite that I am.”

A Luddite with an iPad. I wouldn’t call that irony, Damon, so much as just incorrect. Needless to say, if the upcoming album (which, if we’re truly to get it before Christmas, means it’ll be out in the next three weeks or so) is as ass-shaking as previous Gorilla ventures, I will totally withdraw my previous thoughts on the iPad as a creative tool.

What do you think?

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