Greetings from Mars: We’re NASA and we know it (Video)


Greetings humans, curiosity the rover had you watch live from the web its landing on Mars to try and decipher if it will be habitable for our species. If in any instance we needed another planet to live on due to either global warming, the zombie apocalypse or if something from space were to threaten this world, we would have to go in space to invade another planet. We humans are clever.

Nothing as clever as the LMFAO tune that has circled the globe almost too many times with every rendition of a parody you can think of to their “I’m sexy and I know it” song. However earthlings, there has yet to be a better parody of this song then this, since it touches on history and your possible future home.

Rove on my brothers and sisters. ROVE ON!

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