Half-Life 2 could be coming to the NVIDIA Shield sometime soon

The NVIDIA Shield is an interesting device because it is a handheld gaming console powered by Android. We’ve seen such devices in the past, although the NVIDIA Shield does take things to the next level with its controls and design, not to mention its graphics as well. Now according to a recent report, Valve will be bringing Portal onto the Shield device next week, but that’s not all.

This morning Android Police editor David Ruddock received a package in the mail. The only thing enclosed was a lime-green crowbar. PC gamers will recognize the logo for Valve’s much-loved science fiction shooter Half-Life 2 emblazoned on the bar, which is the iconic starter weapon for the game. “What Would Gordon [Freeman] Do?” and NVIDIA’s SHIELD logo, along with NVIDIA’s signature green color, makes this a not-so-subtle indication that the game is coming to the Android-powered SHIELD at some point. Fans of Valve’s work already know that the SHIELD is getting a full port of the shooter-puzzle game Portal, which runs on the same Source game engine as Half-Life 2.

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