Half of all PCs shipped next year will be tablets


Researchers at Canalys are saying that 50% of all PCs shipped next year will be tablets, 65% of which will be Android based. However, while Apple will only be taking 30% of the market, it will still be making significantly more profit. 

The growth of tablet sales has been outstripping that of more traditional desktop and laptop personal computers for a while, and now it looks like we are finally approaching the tablet/PC tipping point, where the cheaper, more portable tablet is becoming the de facto PC: 2014 will be the year that tablets account for 50% of all “PCs” shipped globally, according to researchers at Canalys. Leading the charge will be tablets built on Android — which collectively will account for 65% of all tablets shipped (185 million units) with Samsung at the helm. Apple, with its growing line of iPad devices, will remain the single-biggest tablet brand, taking 30% of the market — and, significantly, the most profitable.

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