Halo 5 rumored to be “more-or-less open world”

Gamers are probably eager to get their hands on the next Halo title, which at the moment has been tentatively known as Halo 5. Not much is known about the game for now, but Microsoft is expected to share more Halo-related news at E3 2014 which is taking place next month. However in the meantime, an industry insider has revealed that the upcoming Halo title will be a very ambitious game.

While we don’t know when it will be coming for sure, one of the biggest games we can expect to see at E3 will of course be Halo 5. We know almost nothing about the game, but according to a respected industry insider, Halo 5 may be taking the series in a direction we haven’t seen before, an open world. Ashan Rasheed has been posting on his Twitter multiple pieces of news and info over the last few days but the most interesting one was the following: “Halo 5 is supposed to be very different from the older games – more or less open world and very ambitious.”

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