Harmonix confirms that it’s working on anther Rockband game

Remember Guitar Hero and Rockband, those ridiculously popular band games that let you rock out with your friends and family? They’ve been dead for a few years now because people simply grew tired of half a dozen variations of each game being released every year. Fortunately for fans of the genre, Harmonix thinks that the fatigue has worn down enough that the company can release another Rockband game. 

“The rumors are true: We are working on Rock Band 4.” Well no s–t, Harmonix. The Boston-based game studio hasn’t exactly been subtle in its many recent teases that there might be a future for the rhythm game series, which went on hiatus in 2010 after Rock Band 3‘s release. But then, that was kinda the whole point. It’s not like rhythm games are a surefire win. The whole hiatus happened because the audience was losing steam. So for Harmonix, surveying fans and gauging excitement around new downloadable content for five-year old games is very much a litmus test. The above quote comes from Daniel Sussman, a product manager on Rock Band 4 who’s been with the studio since the days of the original Amplitude. While many details have yet to be revealed or even ironed out behind the scenes, Sussman took Digital Trends on a brief tour through some of the studio’s plans. Starting with the music.

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