Hdmyboy brings Game Boy games to the television


There are certainly ways to play classic Game Boy titles on modern TVs, but many of them involve emulators. What if you have the real system in your hands? That’s where the crowdfunded Hdmyboy project might just save the day. The project lets you modify the original Game Boy to put its video on any HDMI-equipped display. If you’ve ever wanted to play Link’s Awakening on your big-screen set, it’s now relatively trivial. The Hdmyboy even works with a NES controller, so you can relive your childhood from the comfort of the couch.

While we have heard that the Game Boy could see an emulator being developed officially by Nintendo for mobile devices, here is a hardware upgrade for your old school portable console. First launched all the way back in 1989, the Game Boy might soon be played using an HDMI output, so that you can enjoy those 8-bit games in Full HD glory. This is made possible thanks to the crowdfunding project known as HDmyboy, where it is the brainchild of both Zane Amiralis and Joshua de Haan. The HDmyboy would tap into the digital signal deep within the Game Boy, resulting in amazingly crisp graphics. So far, the project intends to 65,000 Euros ($80,000) so that the manufacturing process can begin, where backers who fork out $125 would be on the receiving end of the HDmyboy, which will be accompanied by a replica NES controller. Those who would want to pick up the prototypes can do so for $350 a pop.

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