Here’s what the GT-R technology looks like without its coverings


Racing continues to grow in popularity around the world. It’s not just fans. It’s not only the carmakers. The technology that goes into getting more horsepower with lighter vehicles that can go faster without blowing up is a very appealing field for some of the smartest people in the world. Nissan did a nice job of demonstrating how the technology behind their new entry into Le Mans was produced.

Whether the body just needed some tweaking, a new paint job, or Nissan wanted to grab some attention is unknown, but the car does look pretty awesome without the shell on top. It gave a look at what a race car looks like underneath the skin and allows us to see the work and toil that goes into the cockpit along with all the working parts as we can watch them move and perform their jobs with ease and precision as the driver races the car around the test tracks.

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