Hipstamatic takes on Vine with new Cinamatic app

A couple of years ago, the Hipstamatic app was a pretty popular app for taking photos. One of its unique features was the ability to purchase “film”, which was essentially filter packs, thus allowing smartphone users to take photos with weird and colorful filters applied to them. The Hipstamatic app has somewhat taken a backseat to apps such as Instagram, which they tried to compete with by launching Oggl back in 2013, and now it looks like Hipstamatic is set on taking on Vine with a new app called Cinamatic.

Vine ushered in a new era of quick, sharable videos shot and edited with a mobile device. Instagram followed suit last summer and today, Hipstamatic is joining the fray with a new iOS app called Cinamatic. The premise isn’t exactly revolutionary. You can capture one, or multiple square-format shots in quick succession and then instantly stitch them together for a slick-looking video. In line with its Hipstamatic and Oggl photo-sharing apps, the team has also developed a catalog of analog-inspired filters to give each short masterpiece a retro feel. Initially, there are five to choose from – Darwin, Andrei, Marc, Bennett and Robert – and each of them reflect nostalgic film cameras from decades gone by. They’re all wildly different and stand out from the current crop of filters on Instagram. With monetization in mind, Hipstamatic is selling Cinamatic for $1.99 in the App Store, alongside extra filters in its own digital marketplace.

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