Holy cowabunga dude, I heart Google+ Ripples



Google has made so many changes and added new features it is making Facebook look like the tortoise in this race for supremacy. As much as I love it when social networks take the initiative to add to my life by adding to their sites, I wish they were a little more obvious about their changes.

I almost want a flashing billboard to read “HEY YOU WE HAVE SOMETHING NEW” (the only time I would accept anything flashing on a page btw) to display on the page so I do not miss anything amazing as I have most recently.

I am facepalming as we speak.

Did I fall asleep? Blackout, am I really the only one who has yet to check out Google+ Ripples?

As many of you, I like to publicly share my posts on Google+; I enjoy hearing from people outside my circles and not to mention increasing my social signals in Google’s search engines. However, there are many of you that do not like to do this and you have your reasons for not wanting to publicly share posts. So to give you a heads up, this article would not apply to you.

To those of us who do add the public option to our G+ shares get to access Google+ Ripples. If you happen to be sitting in the same boat as me (hi) and are unsure what Google+ Ripples are, then thank you for not making me feel all alone.

Google+ Ripples is a place for us public sharers to visually see how far our post expands, enabling us to view the ripple of shares, comments and statistics of a URL that has developed over time. Is this not the coolest thing ever? Let’s say yes in unison.

To access your Google+ Ripple, under “Home” simply click on the drop-down arrow on a publicly shared post and choose “view ripples” (you can view anyone’s ripples as long as their share was public), to share them with your friend’s just copy and paste the link onto your G+. This is actually how I stumbled upon my ripples and was instantaneously impressed. (Note: The post has to be shared by another person for you to access ripples.)


If you like visualized data, statistics or are just curious as to how much of a reach your post had, check out your ripples and you will surely say “Holy Cowabunga Dude, I Heart Google+ Ripples too”, or something to that affect.

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