Honda Type E concept would make parking a breeze


Honda Type E Concept Car

Anyone who lives in a large metro area has experienced the trouble of finding a parking spot close to your destination. If you drive a large truck or SUV, the problems are multiplied by the fact that not all spots are made for larger vehicles. Designer Michael Brandt has a solution: the Honda Type E Concept.

It’s not a car, nor is it a motorcycle, so don’t expect it to pop up at your local Honda dealer any time soon. In essence, it’s a pod, a very sleek and attractive pod that looks as stylish as it looks unsafe.  While we won’t get into the practical applications of safety by wondering what would happen if it got hit by a Toyota Landcruiser, we can definitely focus on the positive practical applications that his sort of vehicle would provide.

  • Parking – done. Easy stuff there.
  • Fuel efficiency – done. Whatever lawnmower engine they would put in this thing could surely get the electirc vehicle equivalent of a bajillion miles to the gallon.
  • Emissions – none. Mother nature thanks you.
  • Traffic – easier. While it can’t weave in and out between lanes like a motorcycle, it could easily fit into other places where cars cannot go.
  • Coolness factor – high. It may be a good conversation point when trying to find a date but you better have a backup plan to get them where you want to go.

Here are some images of the concept itself.



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ZLMdB6w 1


* * *

(Via: YankoDesign)

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