House of the Rising Sun, ancient computers version


Ancient Computers

The term “ancient” is relative and unfortunately I can remember using many of the machines in this video, but compared to what we have today, the various equipment used here are “older than the internet,” so to speak. It makes the end result, an equipment-generated variation of “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals, even more epic.

According to creator bd594, “My last couple of videos I built a couple of robot bands (yeah! machines that play actual instruments). These videos didn’t fair as well so I decided to go back to the basics and create a video staring my trusty old HP Scanner and a scrappy old hard drive which was converted into a robotic drum machine. For this video I recorded the audio separately soI  could mix it down because the HP scanner isn’t very loud. No effects such as delay and reverb have been used. I was very pleased how the hard-drive drums turned out and they sound great. i will definitely use it in my next video.”

Watch and be inspired:

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