How Apple manages the press by maintaining a “blacklist”

One of the ways that Apple is able to manage the press is by maintaining a “blacklist”, a list of people in the media that the company shuns. Being put on Apple’s blacklist results from some combination of criticism, cynicism, or coverage about specific topics. This makes lower to medium level reporters and journalists very cautious about what they write about Apple and encourages self-censorship. 

Yes, Apple maintains a press “blacklist”, a list of people in the media who are shunned and ignored — “punished”, as it were, for “disloyalty”. “Blacklisted” reporters, editorialists and media personalities are denied access to information, products and events. Once you’re on the list, you can never get off. (I know, because I’ve been on it for more than a decade.) Here’s what everyone needs to know about Apple’s press “blacklist”. “Blacklisting” works. And it has a long history.

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