How did poking outlast the questions feature on Facebook?

How did poking outlast the questions feature on Facebook

After learning that the Facebook questions feature has been beamed up and taken off of Facebook, I couldn’t help but scratch my head as to how Facebook’s poking system still triumphs… I am not the biggest fan of poking and have often wondered its use, and while pondering I have concocted my own theory.

Poking is very simple and allows us to say many things in one simple action. It can mean hello, or I am thinking about you, to one way someone first begins interacting with you prior to sending a friend request. Although this is a simple action and can go back and forth many times it truly isn’t useful, whereas the questions feature provoked people to respond.

I cannot help but wonder why its popularity dissipated while something that doesn’t truly provoke much of anything besides pressing a “poke back” thought has outweighed a feature that engaged us.

Was it that it was too hard to find on Facebook? That the information was too boring? Or did we just not part-take in making the questions feature a success?

If you ask me, Facebook made the location of the questions feature too difficult to locate once they rolled out their timeline look and hiding it under the events section made it so it was out of sight out of mind. I think people; especially pages enjoyed using this as a way to gain insight unto their audience.

Although poking serves its own purpose, to me it doesn’t seem to be much of one and I suppose I am in awe that a feature such as poking would have a longer life-span.

Do you like the poking feature or would you have preferred the questions feature to have remained on Facebook?

What do you think?

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