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How images affect eCommerce

Low Quality Image

Imagine walking into a store where it was difficult to see the products. Your eyes begin to strain from squinting and you try to do everything you possibly can to make the products more visible, but nothing worked; would you still want to buy a product there?

Now imagine that instead of walking into a store it is one you come across online and the exact same scenario took place, would it make any difference in your buying decision? I don’t think so. Customers expect the same type of attention being paid to what your business sells online as it does to those products sold only in stores. Images are a representation of your products on the web, so precision needs to be taken when choosing which photos are to showcase what your company offers.

The graphic below gives more than enough reasons as to why and how images will affect your business’ online revenue.

This infographic from Mdg Advertising comes to us via Chrysler Des Moines and explores “It’s All About The Images”. Click to enlarge.

It's All About The Images
Hat Tips: Tampa Subaru

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