How Ted is still gaining fans long after leaving theaters



In theaters, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s first major motion picture Ted was a huge hit.  It combined the brash frat boy humor of Judd Apatow comedy films with the over the top toilet humor of Family Guy, and included a sexy love interest in Mila Kunis.  How could you go wrong?  This isn’t the most incredible feat of the movie Ted though, shockingly.  Ted is still gaining fans at an alarming rate.

Long after leaving theaters, the Facebook page for Ted continues to gain followers as the movie’s creators continue to create new images, videos, and written content as if the page is run by the character of Ted.  The information is either just random hilarity or topical humor.  They even went to the point of doing a Q&A session, where you could comment on a status and the Ted himself would respond to you with a personal message.

By constantly reminding their fans of the movie and its hilarious scenes, the creators of Ted have brilliantly post-marketed the film.

The best part?

Ted hit 7 million fans on Facebook just before the DVD release, which it has now been promoting daily, right around the holidays.  The movie was great, don’t get me wrong, but these people knew what they were doing in terms of promotions with everything from the release date, DVD release date, and the social media content created in between.

I tend to wonder, after seeing certain social media success stories as this one, why more films and companies in general don’t get more involved in Facebook.  Even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can hire an online marketing firm, which will manage your social media accounts for you.  I assume that Ted used one of these, because there it is quite unlikely that MacFarlane is taking time out of his schedule to create new material for a finished project that he has produced.  The resources are out there; it is time people started using them!

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