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How the visually impaired uses Instagram on the iPhone


It is amazing how our technology has advanced far to exclude ignorance that some may assume that others with impairments may not be able to enjoy certain apps on a mobile device that is geared towards those who can see, much like the photo-sharing social app, Instagram.

Many would perhaps think that people who are visually impaired may shy away from an app such as Instagram since it is meant to see the photos you share, but is it? Not according to Tommy Edison, also known as BlindFilmCritic who has created a tutorial of how the visually impaired can and does use Instagram using an iPhone to navigate and participate. This is simply amazing.

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Connor Livingston is a tech blogger who will be launching his own site soon, Lythyum. He lives in Oceanside, California, and has never surfed in his life. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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