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We are capable to promote posts and tweets on Facebook and Twitter and although Google+ is just joining the social login sphere, promotion still lies in the hands of Google Ads. However, there acquired company YouTube is giving its vloggers the opportunity to promote their videos by paying to target more people.

They are called YouTube Campaigns and its intentions are to expand your videos reach within the YouTube Community. You are able to choose how much you want to spend on the campaign as well as how broadly you want to target viewers.

Enabling YouTube users to be able to expand their audience without the necessary need of partnership or the heavy reliance on your social media friends to solely provide views, instead, YouTube will allow you to pay for views.

Since your advertising budget is up to you, you obviously want to get as much bang for your buck and in that instance a little help from YouTube can go a long way. This is why your advertising budget will only be touched if and when someone actually views your video. Therefore you are not throwing money into the wind, you are actually only paying when you receive exactly what you paid for, a view.

As it has worked in the past, promoting content is ideal for long-term purposes since it exposes you to not only the appropriate people who will actually want to watch your video, but it too can create new connections. Regardless of how long your YouTube campaign runs you are not only buying views of like-minded people but you are ending their search quest to find your connected interest through your video. This then allows room for growth, not only with views but through people subscribing and talking about your YouTube channel.

As YouTube continues its growth, the pool becomes bigger for the smaller fish within the Vlogger Sea; it is time to start thinking about who you want to reach as you spend time filming and editing your videos. Upload and hope for the best? Or is it time to invest in your interest?

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