How to spy on Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone


Samsung Galaxy S3

As per Carphone Warehouse, Galaxy S3 by Samsung is the fastest-selling pre-order smart phone of this year. This certainly means that people of all ages, right from children to the elderly, will be soon using this new Galaxy delight. But as every coin has two sides, even this newest Samsung Smartphone has two sides: use and misuse. Therefore, many parents who have already booked this phone for their kids must be proactively looking for some way via which they can keep an eye on their kid’s phone irrespective of where the device or parents will be.

It is obvious that with such a feature-rich phone, parents would be more worried about its misuse, especially when there are naughty kids to operate the smart phone! The good news is that it is very much possible to become a FBI agent and remotely spy on this new Galaxy just like an invisible alien!


Prerequisites for Spying

In order to spy on this new smart phone, you will need an advanced mobile spying application. Such an app will quietly keep an eye on the phone activities on your behalf after it is installed on the phone. This means that the user of the phone will never come to know that there is an app residing on the phone memory, which is silently monitoring his or her activities on the phone. This is exactly the feature that makes such an app an intelligent one!

There are many such spying apps available today in the market. Although Galaxy S3 is a new phone, you will be able to get a compatible spying app for it because any monitoring app that works on the former Galaxy models is expected to work even on this one! So, after invisibility, scalability is another dazzling feature of such apps.

Once you choose the desired spying app for this newbie, you will have to subscribe and download it. Finally, you will have to install it on the target Galaxy S3 phone. It will be only for the installation purpose that you will have to access the phone in your child’s absence. Once you install the chosen app, you will no longer have to touch the phone! Why? Here’s the answer!


Working of an Advanced Spying App

Once you install and start the app on the smart phone, it is loaded in the memory to play the role of a digital detective. However, this detective remains undetected by anybody uses the phone. Once your kid starts using the phone, the app:

  • Records all calls, text messages, e-mails, and chat messages.
  • Tracks videos and photos viewed or captured.
  • Traces the URLs visited.
  • Replicates phone book, memos, and notes.
  • Determines the GPS location every half an hour (this interval varies from one app to another).
  • Makes logs of these details and uploads to a remote server via an encrypted transmission channel using the phone’s Internet.
  • Makes logs available to you on the online app account.

A few mobile spying apps also have the power to intercept calls, listen to the phone surroundings, get uninstall remotely via your online account, and give you live access to the phone’s screen for blocking activities via your online account. Keeping these tasks in mind, you can consider choosing from apps such as Spyera, Mobile Spy, FlexiSpy, and MobiStealth.

  1. Nice article!! I’ve bookmarked it and will come next time to read it again. Spying is illegal here but to reveal the truth, its important to have such kind of app on smartphone like samsung galaxy s3. thanks author!!!


  2. There are many spying apps are available on the internet. But I would like to recommend you to use StealthGenie for samsung galaxy for better experience. Because i read some positive reviews about StealthGenie that it is perfect app for all android phones.

  3. Well, I really need to monitor the kids phones, however these apps add an insecurity. I don’t want third party websites storing the kids info. Where a pervert administrator could use it to no good, or even spy on them live. A good app would let me monitor directly and login to the phone directly to download the stored data locally. Does such an app exist and where to buy it?

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