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How will the StumbleUpon TOS update affect you?

How will the StumbleUpon TOS update effect you

The social bookmarking site, StumbleUpon has been working diligently to improve its site for its users. Already they have released new features on the site in the UK, features like personalized suggestions as you stumble and updates for their mobile app on the iPhone and Android.

Due to these changes, StumbleUpon has updated their Terms of Service (TOS) which will cover the new features and hopefully be more transparent for their users to easily understand.

They have also made revisions to their Privacy Policy which users will want to take a look at since it is always best practice to remain informed of what type of personal information you are willing to give in exchange for using any site, including StumbleUpon.

Within the TOS and Privacy Policy users will be able to learn about the latest products and features including web applications and mobile ability.

New users will now be able to sign up to StumbleUpon with a simple OAuth from Facebook or your Google accounts.

Since StumbleUpon is known as a content discovery site that is based on personal interests, their primary reason for data collection is to enable you to receive recommendations that are based on what you enjoy. You will be able to view the type of data they collect from you, how they use it and the options you are provided when it comes to sharing your personal information.

This also means that they have made clarifications within their TOS and Privacy Policy’s legal area due to the site being made up of third-parties. Therefore they have added headings in both for ease of reference.

The new Terms of Service will be in effect to existing users on October 15th 2012. However the Privacy Policy has been updated already (so you might want to check that out ASAP).  Be aware that the term “user” means you are either a member or a visitor which can mean that you are browsing or visiting StumbleUpon or viewing content from or affiliated with SU.

Here are some StumbleUpon rules that you may be unaware of:

– You must be 13 years or older to use the site.

– You may have more than one StumbleUpon account

– You are not allowed to use StumbleUpon to promote a product, service or for any commercial use. The site is intended for non-commercial use only.

– You are not allowed to modify, reproduce, or sell any products or services using the site.

– You are not allowed to access StumbleUpon through third party API’s, software, tools or scripts without written permission.

The types of data StumbleUpon collects include the following:

– Personal Information: Your full name, address, e-mail address or phone number. Although stated they are not limited to just the ones listed, it is any  information that identifies you.

– Non-Identifying Information:  This is information that is obtained from the site but does not identify you as a person, such as; interests, combining a zip code with your street address and viewing preferences.

– Log Data:  Is collected from the recorded information that is sent from your browser to the site, this too is non-identifying information.

You can learn more about the StumbleUpon changes that are coming to their Terms of Service and the changes that have already occurred by checking out their Privacy Policy.

It is always recommended that you remain knowledgeable of your rights and to keep informed about changes to sites you frequent. The more social we get, the less private we will be and this may make some of us uncomfortable, therefore reading provided information is important to what you want seen online.

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