HP announces plans to enter the 3D printing market

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman dropped a small bomb on the 3D printer market and said that the company in June will outline enterprise systems that will create models and parts faster and with higher quality. Whitman was asked about HP’s no show in 3D printing so far at the company’s annual shareholder meeting Wednesday. She said HP was “hot on the case of 3D printing.” 

HP is planning to get into the 3D printing business. HP CEO Meg Whitman told shareholders during their annual shareholder meeting conference call that the company would make a big announcement in June as it pertains 3D printing and how they plan to approach the market. It’s still very early for the consumer 3D printing industry but Whitman believes her team has solved a major problem. According to the CEO, their research teams have figured out limitations as it relates to the quality of materials used in the 3D printing process. Or in other words, she doesn’t feel like the existing fleet of devices are up to snuff.


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