HP is killing off the last remnants of webOS


HP says webOS, the once promising mobile OS built by Palm, has reached “end of life.” HP said on its developer site Wednesday that it would be shutting down the webOS Cloud Services and App Catalog January 15, 2015. Those services are still used by some remaining users of weOS devices. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise. HP shut down hardware support for webOS devices three years ago. 

Earlier this month, we learned that LG may be working on a new webOS SmartWatch, which would be the first new mobile webOS product in quite some time. Unfortunately, now we have a bit of bad webOS news to balance out the good. HP has announced on its Developer Center that the HP App Catalog and webOS device cloud services support will officially end on January 15, 2015. According to HP’s FAQ on the matter, this means that users will no longer be able to download new apps or updates, backup or restore devices from the cloud, setup new devices, receive system updates or recover lost passwords.


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